Our approach

Do you have a specific question about your ancestors, do you want your family tree sorted out, do you want us to design a tailor-made family tree poster, or do you consider to commission another assignment to Brasia Genealogy? Please, let us know! You can do so by filling in the appropriate form on our website or sending an email to

  1. Describe on the form or in your email what you would like Brasia Genealogy to do for you, what you already know, and what you have sorted out yourself so far.
  2. Based on your question(s) or request(s) and based on the data provided, we will create a concept proposal. In this document we will describe your question(s) or request(s), we will explain how we wish to tackle the matter (objective, proposed approach, steps to be taken, expected time required, and expected costs) and we will describe how and in what form we will deliver the results to you  (e.g. a report, chart, poster, course, presentation).
  3. The draft proposal will be finalized in mutual consultation.
  4. We will start our preparatory activities as soon as the proposal has been signed.


Dyke builders Woensdrecht
Farmers Drenthe
Coal miners
Textile workers